Small Business Owners Who Pine for the Days of the Yellow Pages Can Take Heart

By | July 17, 2017

Even as recently as ten years ago, many small businesses nationwide relied heavily on a single form of advertising. With so many people back then still keeping bound telephone directories in their homes, a display ad in the Yellow Pages could easily pay off many times over.

Since then, of course, things have changed greatly. Many families no longer even maintain traditional telephone land lines, and the Yellow Pages have become more or less obsolete, as well. As Joe Kashurba has pointed out in a widely circulated report, small businesses are still finding excellent ways of achieving their marketing goals.

Small Business Marketing Activity Shifts in Pronounced Fashion Online

While most small companies will still keep up with some traditional marketing activities that attract attention from passersby and the like, the online environment has largely taken over from the Yellow Pages as the main focus. Just about every serious business owner today understands the importance of having an attractive, informative website, and related marketing efforts are every bit as popular.

On the other hand, succeeding with online marketing as the owner of a small business can be a little more difficult than in the days when the Yellow Pages were so powerful. Between the various technological issues to be grappled with and the amount of competition, some small business owners have come to feel a bit overwhelmed.

New Services and Opportunities Make Small Business Online Marketing a Lot Easier

Fortunately, there are also forms of support that can put even the most discouraged feeling of business owners back on the path to success. While many top digital marketing agencies have, in the past, focused mostly on serving clients of somewhat larger scale, that is starting to change.

Some of the most important developments in recent times, in fact, have involved small, business-oriented services and programs that are designed to simplify things greatly. While it can still take a bit more effort and research to be sure of building a rewarding online marketing initiative for a small company, things are becoming a lot easier. Before long, it might just be that marketing a small company online will become just as straightforward as placing an ad in the Yellow Pages once was.